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Boost Immune System IV Vitamins

 I.V. Vitamin Therapy Clinic Immune Boost Infusion $220


5 for $1000.00 or 10 for $1900.00

What's Inside:

Electrolytes & High Dose Antioxidants Vitamins I.V

1000ML Electrolytes Mixed With

Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

Immunity Infusion Overall Wellness Infusion

Give your body the fuel it needs to remain healthy and on the go. The Immunity Infusion improves both immune health and mental clarity. It includes a high dosage of Vitamin C and Zinc combined with nutrients that help keep common illnesses at bay. The Immunity infusion will boost your immune system to help prevent illnesses associated with common viruses and microbes. 


Help's With

Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, such as stress, depression, headaches, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and poor food, and nutrition choices.

  • Prevents And Reverses The Effects Of Free Radicals

  • Rejuvenates Skin

  • Cleanses Vital Organs

  • Restores Hydration 

  • Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins 

  • Boosts Your Immune System 

  • Decreases Inflammation 

  • Relieves Pain And Nausea 

  • Delivers An Energy Boost 

  • Detoxifies The Body 

  • Cleanses Vital Organs 

  • Improves immune health and mental clarity

  • Great for Common Cold and Flu 



What is fatigue in Men and Women?

Nearly everyone is overtired or overworked from time to time. Such temporary fatigue usually has an identifiable cause and a likely remedy.


Unrelenting exhaustion, however, lasts longer, is more profound, and isn't relieved by rest. A nearly constant weariness develops over time and reduces your energy, motivation, and concentration. Fatigue at this level impacts your emotional and psychological well-being, too.

ENERGY is a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins, and active ingredients to keep you energized for days.

I.V Vitamins Defined

Usage L-glutathione:

L-glutathione, most commonly called glutathione or GSH, is the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant in all human cells.  We have developed this site to deliver information about this powerful antioxidant to consumers that are considering Glutathione. It is a tripeptide composed of the amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Glutathione is found in all cells in the body, including the bile, the epithelial lining fluid of the lungs, and—at much smaller concentrations—in the blood. The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver, making it critically important in the detoxification and elimination of free radicals. Accumulation of these dangerous compounds can result in oxidative stress, which occurs when the generation of free radicals in the body exceeds the body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate them. Free radicals are highly reactive compounds created in the body during normal metabolic functions; they can also enter the body through the environment.


Usage: Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is used to form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels heal wounds and form scar tissue repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that block some of the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are made when your body breaks down food or when you are exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation. The buildup of free radicals over time is largely responsible for the aging process. Free radicals may play a role in cancer, heart disease, and conditions like arthritis. The body is not able to make vitamin C on its own, and it does not store vitamin C.

Usage: Zinc

ZINC has been identified as a cofactor for over 70 different enzymes, including alkaline phosphatase, lactic dehydrogenase, and both RNA and DNA polymerase. Zinc facilitates wound healing and helps maintain normal growth rates, normal skin hydration, and senses of taste and smell. Providing zinc during TPN prevents the development of the following deficiency symptoms: Parakeratosis, hypogeusia, anorexia, dysosmia, geophagia, hypogonadism, growth retardation, and hepatosplenomegaly.

What is an Antioxidant, Free Radicals, and Oxidative Stress?

An antioxidant is a molecule that reduces oxidative stress on a cellular level by combating free radicals and preventing them from stealing electrons and causing damage to proteins, DNA, and cell membranes, a process commonly known as oxidation.


In short, antioxidants keep free radicals from running wild, and glutathione levels are a determining factor in keeping free radicals in check and detoxification. Without either of these processes functioning smoothly, free radicals cause detrimental damage to cells, our bodies do not detoxify, and the onset of chronic disease begins.

Packages & Punch cards

  • I.V. Vitamin Packages cannot be combined or shared and are only for one patient that the Punch Card is under and have to show ID at the time of treatment.

  • After the first I.V is rendered out of the package, there are no returns on Punch Cards.

Boost Immune System I.V Vitamin Therapy
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